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Quote from Peru PADS Program Director:
"The best blessing in life is being able to bless others."

What we do:
We provide 24 beds, 3 meals per day, service plans, assessments, and referrals.

Our Core Values:
Value human dignity and worth
Serve with compassion and generostiy
Partner with communities for local resources
Achieve results through support and opportunity
Empower people to be self-sufficient

The Illinois Valley PADS is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the State of Illinois.

PADS opens September 1st and closes May 31st each year.
PADS provides shelter from 5 pm - 9 am daily during those months.

A Public Housing.com member
In operation since 1991, the Illinois Valley Public Action to Deliver Shelter (IV PADS) operates two emergency shelters that serve LaSalle, Putnam, Bureau, and parts of Marshall and Grundy counties.

Peru PADS 

More than a bed!

  • IV PADS is a safe place for the night.
  • IV PADS is a PLAN for a workable future for an individual in crisis.
  • IV PADS utilizes case management, assessments, and service plans.
  • Individuals are able to improve their lives by building skills learned in the Education Programs.
  • They then develop positive change in their own lives and end the spiral of hopelessness, unemployment, and homelessness.
  • We've been averaging 10 people per night.
  • We have 6 full and part-time employees along with 375 volunteers.
1320 Menards Drive
(815) 224-3047 or info@ivpads.com

Ottawa PADS
1120 Canal Street
(815) 433-1292 or info@ivpads.com

Lily Pads
4471 Progress Blvd., Peru
(815) 224-7970 or info@ivpads.com